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The Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Company (SATORP) is one of the most advanced refineries in the world, with a processing capacity of 460,000 barrels per day of Arabian Heavy Crude to produce petroleum and petrochemical products with a commitment to the highest standards of Health, Safety, and Environment. This world-class refinery was founded by the expertise of the two oil giants, Saudi Aramco and TotalEnergies, located at Jubail Industrial City in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The founding Shareholders are in the process of a strategic expansion to construct a petrochemical complex that will be integrated with SATORP’s existing refinery for maximum operational synergy.
Is to be the Middle East and Asia's leading performer in refining and petrochemicals with a passion for the environment.
To maximize added value and meet our stakeholders’ expectations by:
  • Being reliable and cost efficient in our business
  • Conforming to the highest safety, health, environment
         and quality standards”
Our culture is founded on four “P” Values, namely:
  • People; We respect the diversity of our people
         and fully support their welfare.
  • Pride; We take pride in what we do. We're committed
         to excellence, safety, quality and environment.
  • Professionalism; We conduct our business with
         competence in an ethical, responsible and
         accountable manner.
  • Partnership; We synergize with our stakeholders to
         build productive, collaborative and trusting

Our Shareholders

The relationship between Saudi Aramco and TotalEnergies is a global partnership that features exceptional expertise in the field of refining and petrochemicals, strong financing power and a strategic commitment to the industry. These traits are clearly manifest in both companies’ legacy of success in executing and operating refining projects.

  • Saudi Aramco Brand

    Saudi Aramco

    Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco), is a fully-integrated, state-owned global petroleum enterprise and a world leader in exploration and producing, refining, distribution, shipping and marketing. It manages proven reserve of 261.1 billion barrels of crude oil and 294 trillion standard cubic feet of gas.

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  • Total Brand


    TotalEnergies is a leading multinational energy company operating in more than 130 countries. Based on market capitalization (in dollars) as of December 31, 2009, TotalEnergies together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, is the fifth largest publicly-traded integrated international oil and gas company in the world.

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Board of Managers

SATORP’s Board of Managers, as stewards of our company, steer its business affairs, provide management with guidance in determining the company’s long-term strategy and assess company's opportunities, risks and controls of risk mitigation.

Corporate Management

To accomplish its mission, SATORP is organized into key business areas, each headed by a member of corporate management.

Project History

SATORP was officially born
In June 2008 when Shareholders,
Saudi Aramco and TotalEnergies,
signed the Shareholders' Agreement.

SATORP in Numbers

Our Products

SATORP is a Refinery and Petrochemical complex processing 450,000 barrel per day of Arabian Heavy Crude Oil and producing the following:

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Liquefied Petroleum Gas is Composed of Propane (C3) & butane (C4). LPG can be used domestically to generate heat or to give light. Also, It can be used as fuel to some vehicles (mainly in Europe). In the refining & petrochemical industry, it could be used as feed for units such as the HPU (hydrogen production plant) and/or to be fed to steam cracker to produce derivatives (derivatives are main components to produce Plastics).


Benzene is an important organic chemical compound with the chemical formula C6H6. Its molecule is composed of 6 carbon atoms joined in a ring, with 1 hydrogen atom attached to each carbon atom. Because its molecules contain only carbon and hydrogen atoms, benzene is classed as a hydrocarbon. It is mainly used as a precursor to heavy chemicals, such as ethylbenzene and cumene.


Is petrochemical component in which used for later processes to produce fibers, films or to produce a polymer such as Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). PET is one of the polymer belonging to the polyester family. Commonly, used in many applications domestically (as a fiber used to manufacture clothes or to be used to manufacture plastic bottles) and in the industry as material to manufacture Solar cells.


One of the most produced products in SATORP. In SATORP, we can produce 3 grades of gasoline suitable for export. The destination of the gasoline is what determine the grade whether it was (Asian, European or US grade). Mainly, the gasoline is used as fuel for light duty vehicles. What determines the quality of the gasoline is the octane number. The higher the octane number the better the performance of the fuel.


Is one of the main products in SATORP. It’s made from light hydrocarbons. Commonly used as a fuel for the planes and can be used as heating oil.


The money makers for SATORP. Mainly used as transportation fuel. What determines the quality of the diesel is the cetane number. The lower the cetane number, the lower the performance of the diesel engine.


Is a petrochemical component used to produce Polypropylene. Polypropylene is commonly used in industry to produce plastics.


Composed of large bulks of carbons with low hydrogen content. Coke is commonly used as a fuel in some countries like china. Also, there are applications to make use of cokes to manufactures a type of batteries.


Produced as a by-product of the hydro-treatment units. Commonly used as component to produce sulfuric acid.


Seeking to conduct business in an ethical and responsible way, SATORP created the Corporate Social Responsibility Organization (CSR) to implement and coordinate strategically aligned events that positively impact the community, environment, consumers, employees, stakeholders and general public, Building on SATORP’s core business strengths, citizenship programs will support the economy, the community, knowledge-building and environmental responsibility.

Satorp citizenship activities will support the four key citizenship pillars of Economy, Community, Knowledge and Environment and are grouped under two main categories based upon their target audience and purpose.

Internal Citizenship

Internal Citizenship Activities/Programs (IC) is aimed at improving the lives of Satorp workforce and their families (e.g. Health Wellness Program, Safety Awareness, and Environmental Stewardship Workshops for employees). These activities are carried out by various departments within Satorp.

External Citizenship

External Citizenship Activities/Programs (EC) is delivered by Satorp for the benefit of local communities, the general public and other external stakeholders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They involve a verity of citizenship outreach programs (e.g. philanthropic programs, awareness activities, traffic safety signature program).

SATORP has started the first phase of its CSR program by creating Torathuna, a wholly owned company, for craft entrepreneurship program with a mechanism to help artisans and craftsmen to reserve the kingdom’s heritage.

SATORP’s CSR initiative (Torathuna) was initiated in cooperation with Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage, with the objective of preserving heritage and antiquities to survive, flourish and sustain for future generations through creating successful local crafts business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia..

EC Continue

SATORP is supporting artisans and craftsmen entrepreneurs with sustainable and successful business, by providing them with the needed fund along with the training, development and tools needed to nurture and develop their enterprises.

To build a path of communication and collaboration, SATORP signed a memorandum of understanding with Waed, the Saudi Hand crafts arm of Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage Saudi Handicraft Program. With the intention to partner with the best in the crafts sector, SATORP’s initiative (Torathuna) is collaborating with the SCTA to successfully achieve our objective.

As SATORP’s contribution in the Internal Citizenship activities and programs, SATORP is currently formalizing its program and will announce in due course.


Join Us

SATORP is looking for talented people with the potential and the determination to succeed.

In return, SATORP will give you all the support you need to meet the challenges ahead and help you achieve your professional goals.
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  • Manpower

    Satorp's workforce is made up of both experienced talent and the graduates of SATORP’s apprentice training program. The majority of the workforce will consist of qualified multi-nationals and Saudis with advanced technical expertise.

    Satorp endeavors to find the best qualified and experienced candidates available in the domestic and international markets in order to manage and lead the Company.

  • Training & Apprentice Program

    A training program of approximately three years had been designed for apprentices to enable them to develop their capabilities and knowledge. In the first two years, the focus is on academic skills, particularly English, Math and Physics, using curricula built on the practical method of the learning process. This will enable the students to learn the refinery's operations which constitute the core of the training process. Based on their results during this stage, successful candidates are directed to operations, maintenance, the laboratory, or security.

    Included in this intensive training, the trainees may be assigned to Saudi Aramco and other selected refineries in order to better familiarize them with best practices in the refining industry. During this period, candidates are trained in new areas of knowledge that will qualify them to assume their future responsibilities. Some of the trainees are assigned to international refining facilities in which either parent company has a stake in order to continue their training in the latest refining processes. At the end of this preparatory stage, the trainees then return to Jubail to commence the operation stage coinciding with the completion of the construction of the SATORP facility.

  • Professional Development Program (PDP)

    SATORP has also adopted Professional Development Programs for advanced studies of selected employees.

    Saudis’ holding Engineering degrees were sent for a Masters equivalency program at the French Petroleum Institute (IFP), one of the most distinguished petroleum institutes in the world.The students were then assigned for an average of 7 months each to petroleum refineries in Western Europe to obtain practical training in the responsibilities of the Chemical Engineer position. This program will continue with additional new hires in the future.

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